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April 13, 2012

Waitlisted to College

If you’re a student or the parent of a student who was waitlisted to college, know that you’re not alone. There are thousands of students who are placed each and every year on college waitlists, who are stuck in college admissions limbo. It may seem unfair that you’ve waited for months for colleges to render their admissions decisions and they can’t even reach a conclusive verdict. If indeed you’re one of these students placed on a college waitlist, know that there’s a good reason you were likely placed on it.

In an article published today in “The Huffington Post” by our Founder entitled “The Secret Sauce of the College Waitlist,” you’ll find a clear delineation of the types of college applicants who are likely to get placed on college waitlists. From legacy / development cases in which an applicant’s parent(s) who attended the institution have given large sums of money to Chinese or Indian applicants with great scores and grades but no discernible hook to great students who failed to demonstrate interest in the school, it’s these students who often end up on waitlists. To find out about other students likely to make the dreaded list, read the article and learn the secrets.

If you’re a student on a college waitlist, we can help you try to successfully work your way off it and into a place in the incoming class. We can help turn your admission (in)decision into an acceptance letter. Fill out a form for a free 30-minute admissions consultation to get started. Time for the waitlisted to gain admission is running out!

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