Waitlisted Students Suffering in Limbo

If you happen to be a waitlisted student suffering in limbo, your days of waiting could soon be over. Or not. Your days of waiting could also extend well into August. We’re sorry we’re not telling you exactly what you want to hear but, hey, The Dartmouth, America’s oldest college … 

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What To Do If You’re Waitlisted

Wondering what to do if you’re waitlisted? Every year around this time, students and parents — coming to Ivy Coach for the first time — ask us what they should do once they’ve been waitlisted. Our first question to these students and parents is always: what have you done so … 

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Waitlisted Applicants

After all of these months of waiting, it can be frustrating when students find out that they’ve been neither accepted nor denied admission. We feel for waitlisted applicants, students placed in limbo until the colleges to which they’ve applied are ready to render a verdict. But while the jury is … 

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Placed on the Waitlist

Curious to know how many students were placed on the waitlist at a particular highly selective university? We’ve got the data, with a hat tip to “The New York Times’” “The Choice” blog, to answer your questions. At Yale University, 1,001 students were placed on the waitlist. At the University … 

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Waitlisted College Applicants

There are a number of students waiting on waitlists. How do you get off the lists? Show interest among other things. And money helps, too.

Harvard Waitlist

Approximately 1,000 students were offered a slot on Harvard’s waitlist this year. Many will send in cards indicating they wish to remain on the list. Some will choose not to remain on the list, excited about the other college(s) to which they were already admitted. Of those who choose to … 

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