How the US News Formula Change Will Impact Decision-Making

US News & World Report has, for decades, enjoyed an outsized influence on decision-making in the admissions process at America’s elite universities. Sure, admissions officers may tell you that they don’t care about the rankings but, do remember, these are the same folks who tell you their schools are need-blind … 

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US News Rankings and Applications

Curious about the correlation between a school’s “US News” ranking and the numbers of applications that school receives the subsequent application cycle? We’ve got answers for you. As presented in an article by Robert Morse for “US News & World Report” entitled “Study: Rankings Affect Student Applications,” an improvement of … 

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US News Rankings

With the release of the “US News” rankings this week comes the annual conversation of just how “US News & World Report” calculates its rankings. As you may know, the “US News & World Report” college rankings are based on an algorithm and, from time to time, this algorithm changes. … 

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The US News College Rankings

It’s that time of year again! The all-important “US News” college rankings are out. And who claimed the crown this year? Princeton University has claimed the title, outdueling Harvard University. Harvard finished second. In third is Yale University followed by Columbia University at #4. Placing fifth are Stanford University and the … 

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US News Ranking

Ivy Coach salutes “US News & World Report” for keeping them honest by removing George Washington University’s #51 ranking among best national universities. George Washington, it was recently revealed, misreported class rank data to the magazine and thus their rank in the September issue was better than it should have … 

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US News University Rankings

The “US News” university rankings matter. Anyone who tells you differently isn’t telling you the truth.

US News College Ranking

Claremont McKenna gamed the college ranking system for years by reporting false SAT scores. But Claremont McKenna isn’t alone in gaming the system.

The College Rankings

Students who even so much as check out the college rankings already demonstrate a motivation to want to attend an elite college.

College Rankings and Graduation Rate

Williams College leads the way with the highest graduation rate of students in four years in the nation. And Williams is in good company with other top universities like Yale, Bowdoin, Annapolis, Duke, Wesleyan, Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Vassar, Penn, Davidson, Pomona, and Haverford also nearing the top of the … 

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