Misconceptions About College Waitlists

Are college waitlists simply marketing tools of elite universities? Ryan Craig argues as much in a piece today for “Forbes” entitled “The Real Cruelty of College Admissions.” In fact, Mr. Craig writes, “The more elite the school, the less likely it is that a waitlist is anything other than a … 

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Colleges Turning to Waitlists

More universities over these past few days have been turning to their waitlists. Brown University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Chicago all recently turned to the waitlists, admitting students into their incoming classes. So much for the folks who suggest that being waitlisted might as well be a rejection. We … 

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Chances of Getting Off Waitlists

Brian Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, is featured today in “Bloomberg” in a piece by Akane Otani entitled “At Top Schools, a Spot on the Wait List May as Well Be a Rejection.” We would first like to say that the title of this piece is misleading. If a spot … 

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Getting Off College Waiting Lists

Getting off college waiting lists is more of a science than many believe. So many parents call and write us and say something along these lines: “It’s a shot in the dark to try to get our kid off the waitlist.” Actually, no it’s not. Many students become our clients … 

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University Waitlists

We wanted to discuss more things you should never do when on university waitlists as the piece by Ariel Kaminer in “The New York Times” entitled “On a College Waiting List? Sending Cookies Isn’t Going to Help” is filled with quite a few gems that are deserving of further exploration. … 

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Waitlisted to College

Being proactive is essential to get off a college waitlist and earn a spot in the incoming class.

College Waiting Lists

Being proactive is essential to gain admission off the college waiting list.