Relax As Admissions Decisions Roll In

For those high school seniors who are currently freaking out because a couple of their classmates have received Likely Letters to schools like, say, Brown and Columbia, stop freaking out. Have some of our students received Likely Letters to Brown and Columbia? You bet. And some of our students have received offers … 

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University Admissions Decisions

Don’t forget as you receive word of your university admissions decisions to learn your fate alone. Alone as in with nobody else around. It’s not a good idea to surround yourself with friends when you read the email that will tell you whether or not you’ve been admitted to the college … 

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College Admission Decisions

Harvard admissions officers tipped students off via a phone call that they’d be receiving Likely Letters.

Admissions Decisions

When you receive your admissions decisions, say “thank you” to your guidance counselor, teachers, and everyone else who helped you.

College Admissions Decisions

College admissions decisions are often influenced by expressed interest. Campus newspapers can prove a valuable resource.

University of Michigan Admissions Decisions

We’re only a couple of days away from the date in which high school students need to inform colleges of where they intend to matriculate. Some students sent in their decision a month ago. Others have waited until these last few days and if the decision was a tough one, … 

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