A College Tour Fun Fact

It’s important to visit the colleges to which one intends to apply. Our nation’s most highly selective colleges measure Demonstrated Interest; they seek to admit students who they believe will actually choose to matriculate. And why? Because their yield matters to them. Who wants to admit 2,000 students only to … 

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Visiting Colleges by Private Jet

Visiting colleges is a rite of passage for high school students and their parents across America. It’s one of those distinctly American traditions — like sweet sixteens, proms, and Fourth of July barbecues. Maybe a father and daughter will hit the road and knock off several schools in the New England … 

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College Tours

As students and parents go on college tours, they should pay attention to what the tour guide is saying. But that shouldn’t be all that they pay attention to. In order to get a more complete picture of a university, parents and students should wander off after the college tour. … 

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Visiting Colleges

Summer college visits are convenient but how can you get a feel for a school without students on campus?