Mobile Devices in College Admissions

It will likely surprise nobody that more and more students are relying on mobile devices to decide which colleges interest them most, according to a survey conducted by student services and textbook provider Chegg. As reports Mary Stegmeir on the “Admitted” blog of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, … 

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Social Media and Admissions

Students applying to highly selective colleges should clean up their Facebooks. They should clean up their Instgrams. They should clean up their Twitters. And they should clean up all of the other social media accounts they have. If you’re wondering what you think we mean by “clean up,” we mean … 

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Social Media in College Admissions

There’s a new infographic out on social media in college admissions. According to the infographic, 85% of colleges use Facebook to recruit students. 66% of colleges use YouTube to recruit students. And — this should come as no surprise — 80% of college admissions counselors acknowledged receiving a friend request … 

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Colleges and Social Media

“USA Today” has come out with a ranking of the universities that best capitalize on social media.

College Admissions

Did you or your child Facebook friend their regional admissions counselors during the college admissions process? Did they send them a FB message or “poke” them? We hope not! We’ve previously posted about the impact of Facebook in the college admissions process and about social networking and college admissions. But today, … 

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College Admissions and Facebook

Colleges obviously use Facebook as a forum to recruit students to apply to their school and to recruit students to attend once they’ve been accepted. But what colleges are doing this the most successfully? Let’s take a look at a “US News & World Report” chart by Ryan Lytle as … 

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Social Media and College Admissions

Social media is a hot topic in college admissions. The question so many students and parents often pose is: Do college admissions officers check the Facebook pages of their applicants? The short answer is…no. College admissions officers don’t have the time to peruse every applicant’s Facebook page. In a word, … 

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