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July 17, 2011

Private College Counselor

The right private college counselor can be the difference between an admission and a denial.

In our upcoming newsletter, we’re going to discuss reasons why you may want to strongly consider hiring a private college counselor. And not just any private college counselor. The right kind of college admissions advisor who has experience in admissions. With this in mind, we’d like to share with you some findings by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (an organization to which the Founder of Ivy Coach is a member in good standing) in a report entitled “2010 State of College Admission.” According to the findings of the study, at public schools across the nation, only 34% have at least one counselor whose chief responsibility is college counseling. In fact, 34% is probably quite high. In California, for instance, the study by NACAC finds that the college counselor to student ratio is 814:1. In Minnesota, it’s 759:1. And in Arizona, it’s 743:1.

Additionally, the NACAC study found that private school counselors were more likely to rate “helping students plan and prepare for postsecondary education” as their number one priority than were public school counselors. According to the NACAC report, “Results of NACAC’s survey showed that in 2009, high school counseling staffs spent an average of only 26 percent of their time on postsecondary admission counseling. Counselors in public schools reported spending only 22 percent of their time on college counseling, compared to 54 percent for private school counselors.”

With limited time available, non-college counseling responsibilities, and ridiculously high counselor to student ratios across the nation, good private college counselors can indeed be quite helpful to students seeking to gain some much needed advice and attention in the highly competitive college admissions process.

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