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June 1, 2013

Placed on the Waitlist

Emory University put 4,113 students on the waiting list. That’s a lot of students in limbo! Dartmouth College put approximately 1,000 students in between acceptance and denial. The California Institute of Technology put 550 applicants on the waitlist, while Bates put 8 students on the list. That’s right. Only 8. You’d have to like your chances a whole lot better at Bates than at Emory, simply based on the statistics, right? Barnard College has 1,207 students in limbo this year, while Babson College has 1,436 students on the waitlist.

Now does that mean that all of these universities intend to admit students off of their waitlists? You’d think so. Or at least you’d think they’d say as much for PR spin. But not all of these universities said they plan to admit students off of their waitlists. Caltech apparently has no intention of going to its waitlist. That’s a little weird to put people in limbo with no intention of going to their waitlist? We at Ivy Coach do not approve. Peal the bandaid off if you have no intention of admitting a student, Caltech! It’s just not right. Middlebury is also in this boat as they have no intention of going to their waitlist either. Come on, Middlebury — show that you have some heart.

Anyhow, have a question on college waitlists or what to do in the hope of getting out of limbo? Let us know your questions by posting below!

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