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February 17, 2013

Penn Dean of Admissions

Dean Furda agreed with Al Roker that selecting a college is very much like selecting a house. You might like it from the outside or you might think it’s right for you based on the plans but that all might change once you step foot inside. Dean Furda also said, as we’ve been saying for years, that students should observe students after they come out of classes. Hear what they’re saying, see what they’re wearing, see if you want to surround yourself with these students for the next four years. The tour and information session both have great info on a school but there is nothing that replaces seeing what the actual students are all about.

Dean Furda is also asked if an ‘A’ in a Regular course is better or worse than a ‘B’ in an AP course. We’ve always said that an ‘A’ in an AP class is better! Students should take the most challenging curriculum possible and excel in that curriculum! Mr. Furda also states that the average number of applications submitted by the The Common Application is four. He also states that, realistically, students can apply to eight schools and really cover themselves. Al Roker closed the piece by stating that he hopes Dean Furda is still around at Penn when his ten year-old son applies in a few years. A funny guy. Did you happen to see America’s most ubiquitous weatherman at the Inauguration? He was outright hilarious screaming to get President Obama and Vice President Biden’s attention.

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