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March 28, 2011

NCAA Admissions Statistics

Duke Admissions Stats, NCAA Tourney and Admissions, Admissions and NCAA Tournament
Duke’s loss takes the most highly selective college remaining alive out of the NCAA Tourney.

The University of Arizona’s 93-77 upset of defending champion Duke University in their Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament matchup eliminated the most highly selective university from the field of competition. The upset is good news for next year’s batch of Duke University applicants as a repeat title would have only led to even more applications and thus a lower acceptance rate. Of the Final Four teams for this year’s tournament (Butler, VCU, Kentucky, and UConn), UConn has the toughest admissions rate — and that doesn’t say much with an admissions rate of 54%!

Below is a breakdown of the Sweet 16 teams with last year’s university admittance rate.

Duke University (19%)

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (32%)

University of Richmond (33%)

San Diego State University (36%)

University of Florida (43%)

University of Connecticut (54%)

Florida State University (60%)

Marquette University (62%)

The Ohio State University (62%)

Brigham Young University (64%)

University of Wisconsin (67%)

Virginia Commonwealth University (71%)

Butler University (73%)

University of Kentucky (74%)

University of Arizona (75%)

University of Kansas (91%)

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