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March 18, 2014

MIT Admissions Statistics

The MIT admissions statistics are out for the Class of 2018 and we’ve got them for you (photo credit: John Phelan).

The MIT admissions statistics are out for the Class of 2018 and we’ve got them for you. In all, 1,419 students earned admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of a total of 18,357 who applied. This marks an admission rate of 7.7%. And no article on a university’s admissions statistics would be complete without a quote from the dean of admissions stating how it’s such a strong class. So here it is from the MIT website: “‘Every year the job of selecting among such a talented applicant pool is more and more difficult,’ says Stu Schmill, MIT’s dean of admissions. ‘I’m always so impressed by the high caliber of students who apply to MIT. It is a truly outstanding group.'” And here we were thinking he was going to say it’s an average group of somewhat talented students. There’s always next year!

Admitted students to the Class of 2018 at MIT hail from all 50 American states. More than one fourth identify as an underrepresented minority. And 17% (a nice percentage indeed!) have identified as the first in their families to attend college. And it’s not like they’re just attending college. They’ve been admitted to one of the finest universities in the land! Unlike in years past, students who just paid for the application were not counted among the applicants. To be counted as an applicant, the student not only had to pay but complete the entire student portion of the application. We think that’s appropriate and more universities should follow suit — even though this is ultimately to the detriment of their “US News & World Report” ranking since the more students that apply, the lower the admission rate will be. Way to go MIT for being honest! It’s rather refreshing, we find.

MIT is hoping for a Class of 2018 that consists of 1,050 students so they’re counting on most students to accept their offer of admission. Have a question on the MIT admissions statistics? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting below! We look forward to hearing from you.

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