Ivy League Tuition

2015 Ivy Tuition Costs, 2016 Ivy Tuition Costs, 2015-2016 Ivy League Tuition

We’ve got the 2016-2017 Ivy League tuition costs for our readers.

Some parents have written in over the past few days asking if we could share information on Ivy League tuition costs. Sure thing. What always strikes us is that parents almost always err on the side of underestimating the costs of Ivy League tuition. Read more >

Tuition at Brown

Brown Tuition, Brown University Tuition, Tuition at Brown University

Tuition at Brown is on the rise. Shocker? No (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

Tuition at Brown is on the rise. But this should surely come as no surprise as tuition rises every year, just as it does at highly selective colleges across the board. And if you’re thinking that tuition rises at the rate of inflation, no way. Read more >

College Tuitions

College Tuition, Tuition for College, Tuition Cost for College, University Tuition Costs

The cost of college tuition seems to only go up.

Physics teaches us that what goes up must come down, but college tuition has for years defied the principles of our universe. For the 2012-2013 academic year, Sarah Lawrence College ranks as the single most expensive university in the United States at $61,236. Read more >

Ivy League Debts

Ivy League Debt, Ivy League Tuition, Tuition Costs in Ivy League, Ivy League Tuition Cost

Students at Harvard University, on average, graduated in 2010 in $10,102 of debt (with 34% of graduates carrying debt). Photo credit: Jacob Rus.

It’s difficult not to hear about rising student debts during these tough economic times. But what’s the data like for Ivy League graduates, you ask? According to The Institute for College Access & Success, among the Ivy League colleges (excluding Columbia since they did not participate in this survey), the average debt for 2010 graduates was highest at Brown University. Read more >

Ivy League Tuition Costs

Ivy League Tuition, Ivy Tuition, Tuition at Dartmouth

Of all the Ivy League colleges, Dartmouth’s tuition went up the most this year.

Tuition costs in the Ivy League are on the rise again. Shocker. Dartmouth saw the highest tuition hike at 5.9%. Princeton saw the lowest hike in the last 45 years at 1%. While Columbia has not yet announced their tuition hike the university will, in all likelihood, end up being the most expensive Ivy League university. Read more >