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May 24, 2014

More Ivy League Statistics

There is a distinct advantage to applying Early to a school like Brown (photo credit: Apavlo).

Ivy Coach is the ultimate source for comprehensive Ivy League statistics. So let’s share some more interesting admission statistics at each of the eight Ivy League colleges for the Class of 2018 (the students who just finished going through the admissions process). Because we know our readers love their Ivy League stats!

At Brown University this year, 27,344 applications were received during Regular Decision of which 2,036 were admitted. That’s a 7.4% Regular Decision admit rate. For Early applicants to Brown, 3,088 students applied and 583 earned admission for an admit rate of 18.9%. So, to be clear, that’s an 18.9% admit rate versus a 7.4% admit rate. At Ivy Coach, we are firm believers in looking at the data. Does it make sense to apply Early to Brown if Brown is the university you wish to attend? Absolutely yes!

At Columbia University this year, 29,654 applications were received during the Regular Decision round. Of those 29,654 applicants, 1,641 earned admission in the Regular round. That marks a Regular Decision admit rate of 5.5%. That’s awfully low! But what was the Early Decision admit rate, you ask? 19.7%. In the Early round, 3,298 committed to attend Columbia if admitted, while 650 of these 3,298 earned admission. 19.7% versus 5.5%. Are you starting to get the picture?

Let’s take Cornell into account as well. At Cornell, 38,266 students applied during the Regular Decision round. Of those 38,266 applicants, 4,689 were sent offers of admission. That marks a Regular Decision admit rate of 12.3%. And how about Cornell’s Early Decision statistics? In all, 4,775 students applied Early Decision to Cornell and 1,325 of these 4,775 earned admission for an Early Decision admit rate of 27.7%.

We’ll be writing more about Ivy League admission statistics for the Class of 2018 but are you starting to get the hint about the advantages of applying Early? The numbers tell the full story.

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