2020-2021 Ivy League Athletics

Were you hoping that Yale’s men’s basketball team would be able to defend its league title? Were you hoping that Dartmouth’s or Yale’s football teams would be able to defend their titles on the gridiron this spring? Well, sorry to be Debbie Downer — played by Dartmouth alumni Rachel Dratch … 

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The Country Club Sports of the Ivy League

There’s a fantastic piece out in The Atlantic on niche sports — sports like squash, crew, fencing, water polo, swimming and diving, and golf — and the lengths affluent parents of high schoolers who compete in these sports will go to try to get their children on the radar of … 

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The Moneyball of Ivy League Sports

As our readers know, America’s elite colleges, including the Ivy League colleges, seek singularly talented students. One such singular talent can absolutely be a sport — provided the student is being recruited by the college coach at that institution for that sport. If a student swims but isn’t fast enough … 

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Ivy League Conference Tournament

As conference basketball tournaments are underway, we’d like to report on a change coming to Ivy League basketball in 2017. If you’re wondering why we report on Ivy League basketball when this is a college admissions blog, two things: (1) we write about all things Ivy League and (2) if … 

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Ivy League and Athletes

There’s a great op-ed in “The Columbia Spectator” by first-year student Josh Fram in which he writes about why athletes belong in the Ivy League. In the op-ed, Fram writes about how athletes on Columbia’s campus are often asked, “Oh…so you’re an athlete?” With this question, it’s implied that student-athletes … 

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Harvard Superstar

Are there other overlooked players who could be pro sensations on Ivy League sports teams? Jeremy Lin makes you think there might be.

Harvard Basketball

Don’t expect any Ivy League basketball team to compete with Harvard this year. They’re quite simply in another class.

Yale University Football

The Yale football coach resigned because he lied about having applied for a Rhodes Scholarship.

Ivy League Football

Our dear friend, the late QB Cliff Montgomery, led Columbia to a 1934 Rose Bowl victory in one of the great upsets in the history of sports.