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July 27, 2011

Ivy League Salaries

Princeton University, Harvard University, and Dartmouth College top the Ivy League list for mid-career average salaries.

“The Huffington Post” has come out with an analysis of Ivy League salariesmid-career salaries to be precise – and the numbers may interest you! Topping the charts with the highest average mid-career salary is Princeton University at $130,000. According to “The Huffington Post,” “Princeton University graduates have the highest mid-career salaries (it’s also the overall best-paying college in the country and the only college in the country that has an average mid-career salary more than $125,000).”

And which Ivy League college places second in mid-career salary? That would be Harvard at $116,000 a year. Following closely on Harvard’s heels is Dartmouth College at $114,00 and Yale University at $114,000. Then comes Columbia University at $105,000, Brown University at $104,000, and the University of Pennsylvania at $103,000. Data was not available by “The Huffington Post” for Cornell University but previous reports put the university’s mid-career salary at $106,000.

Check out our post on The Ivy League’s Influence on Career as well as on Ivy League Connections. And what do you think about these Ivy League salary statistics? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!

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