Ivy League Early Athletic Recruiting

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There’s a good piece in “The Dartmouth” on potential new NCAA legislation.

There’s a great piece out in “The Dartmouth,” America’s oldest college newspaper, about new legislation that could put to an end efforts by Ivy League and other athletic coaches to recruit student-athletes for their teams prior to the junior year of high school. Read more >

Hiring and Ivy League

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Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, and Penn are among the schools that “Inc.” has featured as great schools to hire from.

“Inc.” has an interesting article out entitled “Your Next New Hire Should Be From One Of These 10 Universities” by Jessica Stillman that we figured we’d share with our readers. Read more >

Ivy League Athletic Recruiting

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If you’re a prospective swimmer at Princeton, be sure to go through their meet results. Scan those heat sheets! See how your times stack up. Also, check out the school records to see where you stand. It’s one of the benefits of timed sports — athletes can know just where they stand (photo credit: Andreas Praefcke).

Read more >

Brown University Athletic Recruitment

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The number of athletic teams Brown University will now field is sloping down.

Fencers, wrestlers, and women’s skiers interested in applying to Brown University, you may want to think twice in choosing your first choice college. For these sports, Brown University athletic recruitment is coming to a halt due to budget cuts (which with athletic teams typically centers on Title IX). Read more >

Ivy League Recruiting

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Certain companies recruit exclusively out of the Ivy League.

There is an article in today’s “Brown Daily Herald” that discusses how elite consulting, banking, investment, and law firms target Ivy League students. In a study conducted by Lauren Rivera, an assistant professor of management and organization at Northwestern University, it was found that graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton (UPenn) have the highest hiring rates. Read more >