A Confession on College Rankings

What do our nation’s elite college admissions offices care about most? Loyal readers of our college admissions blog know our answer to this query: the all-important US News & World Report rankings. For many years — for decades in fact — we made this assertion much to the chagrin of … 

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Universities Absolutely Care About Rankings

And they say they don’t care about the rankings. Right, and water is dry. You know how admissions officers at America’s universities like to say that where their universities fall in the annual rankings is unimportant to them and you know how we at Ivy Coach have long insisted that … 

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Those Folks Who Argue College Rankings Don’t Matter

Do you know how just about everyone — from college admissions officers to high school counselors to parents — is quick to criticize the annual college rankings? Do you know how admissions officers so often tell parents and students that they don’t care about the rankings and students and parents … 

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2020 US News College Rankings

US News & World Report has released its annual college ranking. For those unfamiliar with college rankings, lots of publications release annual college rankings but the kingpin of all college rankings is none other than US News & World Report. As we’ve liked to joke for decades, in parts of … 

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Rankings Matter Big Time to Admissions Officers

If you ask an admissions officer if the college they represent cares about rankings, you’ll likely hear that they don’t matter one bit to these colleges. You’ll hear they’re overblown. You’ll hear that admissions officers don’t even look at the rankings when they come out. And if you happen to … 

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Brown and College Rankings

Ivy Coach is featured today on the pages of “The Brown Daily Herald,” the newspaper of Brown University. A piece by Alex Skidmore entitled “Poll shows college rankings widely used by applicants” highlights the prominent roll that college rankings carry in the highly selective college admissions process. In fact, a … 

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Do College Rankings Matter?

Do college rankings matter? Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, was recently featured in an article of “Teen Vogue” entitled “Do College Rankings Really Matter?” by Sarah Devlin. In the piece, Bev is quoted as saying that she makes great efforts to try to get students — and their parents … 

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Ivy League Standings

Let’s check in on the Ivy League standings in basketball. In men’s basketball action, the leader of the pack is Princeton University. The Tigers have a 9-2 record this far into the season. Sitting in second place in the Ivy League is Harvard University with a 9-3 record. Next come … 

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US News College Ranking

Claremont McKenna gamed the college ranking system for years by reporting false SAT scores. But Claremont McKenna isn’t alone in gaming the system.

Ranking of Colleges

Caltech tops the “Times Higher Education” ranking of colleges across the globe this year.