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February 2, 2013

Ivy League Entrepreneur

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We always love to highlight Ivy League entrepreneurs and today, we’re bringing to your attention a startup founded by a recent Harvard graduate, Svetlana I. Dotsenko. A graduate of Harvard’s Class of 2011, Dotsenko started Project Lever not too long after graduating college. According to “The Harvard Crimson” article on the Ivy League entrepreneur, “The startup, which aims to facilitate student searches for thesis advisers and research opportunities, joins the growing movement to digitize Harvard’s archives and resources. Although Dotsenko, who concentrated in government, said that while she had a ‘great’ advising experience, she wanted to improve the unwieldy task of identifying a faculty adviser for students in large departments. ‘We needed some kind of tool to connect undergraduates to thesis advisers,’ Dotsenko said. ‘It’s about helping those relationships within the University.'”

The startup, which first only included Harvard University, now has another client in the area — the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Not too shabby! And apparently, Dotsenko hopes that Project Lever can one day expand from connecting students with potential thesis advisors to being an online tool for general research. We at Ivy Coach think having an online resource to connect students with potential thesis advisors is a great idea. Maybe there can be a tool for high school student researchers as well. Perhaps once Project Lever has mastered it at the college level!

Anyhow, check out the startup’s website here and let us know your thoughts on the entrepreneur out of the Ivy League by posting a comment below!

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