The Man Who Eschewed Wall Street to Lead Yale’s Endowment

David F. Swensen, the money manager who spurned a career on Wall Street to steward Yale University’s endowment for many years, has died. In the world of college endowments, Mr. Swensen was an icon, catapulting Yale’s endowment to be the best-performing fund in the nation for two decades. In 1985, … 

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Brown University Endowment ROI

Brown University’s endowment notched a 12.1% return on investment for the fiscal year that ended this past June. The figure marks the highest among Brown’s Ivy League peers. Brown’s investors also significantly outperformed U.S. endowments across the board, which averaged a 2.6% ROI for the year. It seems the folks … 

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2018 Ivy League Endowments

Curious which Ivy League school boasts the largest endowment? Probably not since loyal readers of our college admissions blog know that Harvard University boasts the largest endowment of any university in the world — Ivy League or not. In fact, as reports The Columbia Daily Spectator, as of 2018, Harvard … 

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College Endowment Size

Let’s talk about college endowment size, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. As our loyal readers know well, need-blind admissions is a lie — one perpetuated by colleges across America. In fact, need-blind admissions policies are touted in so many college brochures, at so many college information sessions, by so many … 

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Yale Endowment

Yale University ranks behind only Harvard University and the University of Texas system for the size of its endowment. As of 2015, Yale’s endowment, operated under the stewardship of David F. Swensen, stood at about $25.6 billion with a ‘b’. That’s quite a lot of money. And so we read with great … 

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Ivy League Endowments

Yale University raised $3.88 billion dollars in its latest 5-year capital campaign…in spite of the difficult economic times.