Talented Ivy League Applicants

We often wonder why a parent thinks that just because their child has near perfect grades and test scores that he/she should be admitted to the college of their choice. While we have written a ton of blogs and been quoted in the press time and again about this, we … 

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Applicants to the Ivy League

Does it surprise you to know that applicants to the Ivy League — even ones who don’t earn admission to one of the eight Ivy League institutions — earn more money than do students who don’t apply to Ivy League colleges? It shouldn’t. Students who even think of applying to … 

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Ivy League Applicants

Think of the well-rounded Ivy League applicant as a restaurant that sells both pizza and Chinese food.

Ivy League Students

Three Penn dropouts hope that Coursekit will supplant Blackboard as the leader in online course management.

Admission to Ivy League

A former Yale University professor, Bill Deresiewicz, told Stanford students that they, like their Ivy League counterparts, are “hoop-jumping, teacher-pleasing sheep.” According to the Stanford Daily’s take on Deresiewicz, “Elite university education is deficient because admission criteria are more than 100 years old; what admission offices look for in an … 

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