Asian American Representation at Elite Colleges

Long before our federal government went after Harvard and Yale for allegedly discriminating against Asian American applicants in their admissions processes, we stood on our soapbox in college admissions to assert that indeed these schools — and all highly selective American universities — discriminate against Asian American applicants. And we … 

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Asian American Coalition

File this one under amusing. We’ve been quite critical of the Asian American Coalition for Education’s complaint against Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown. The organization also filed a complaint against Harvard with the United States Department of Education and the Department of Justice. We can’t even keep track of all of … 

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Asian Americans in Admission

Ivy Coach was featured once again on the program “Asian American Life” on CUNY TV. This particular episode focuses on Affirmative Action and the discrimination that many — including us — allege Asian Americans face in the highly selective college admissions process. For instance, as reported by “Asian American Life,” … 

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Ivy League Discrimination Against Asians

There is an article on “Bloomberg” entitled “Are Ivy League Schools Biased Against Asians?” written by Matthew C. Klein that we wanted to take the time to respond to. If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that our answer to this question posed in the … 

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Asians and Ivy League Admissions

There’s a terrific op-ed out today in “The Daily Californian” by Jason Willick. In the op-ed entitled “The Ivy League’s Asian Problem,” Willick, a skeptic of the holistic review process in highly selective college admissions, asserts that Asians might well be the new Jewish students of years past. How so? … 

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Asians and Ivy League Admission

Asians and Asian Americans face discrimination in the Ivy League admissions process. But there are ways to combat this discrimination.