International Applicant Enrollment Numbers

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A piece in “The Wall Street Journal” highlights how international applicant enrollment numbers have held steady from last year.

Have international applicant enrollment numbers taken a nosedive in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency, in light of his administration’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric? While the answer may surprise some, the answer is a resounding no. Read more >

International Students Help American Students

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International students are essential to the success of any highly selective American university.

A number of folks have written in of late after reading our post about why international students on American college campuses are good for all — including American students. We can’t help but find that some of these folks’ comments smell of xenophobia. Read more >

International Applicants to US Universities

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The best universities in the world are in America. While others are anticipating a drop in the number of international applicants to America’s most highly selective colleges, we don’t agree. We believe the drop will be at less selective U.S. universities.

Over the years, folks have written in with comments to our posts about international applicants to U.S. Read more >

International Applicant Numbers

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We forecasted after the election of President Trump that undergraduate international applicant numbers would remain strong at our nation’s most selective universities — in spite of his anti-immigrant rhetoric. We stand by this forecast.

There was a piece in “The New York Times” yesterday by Stephanie Saul that focused on the impact of the Trump presidency on the wave of international applicants coming to American universities. Read more >

International Students at American Universities

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There was a great piece by Nick Anderson on the surge in international students at American universities in “The Washington Post.”

There was an excellent piece recently in “The Washington Post” by Nick Anderson entitled “Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges” that we figured we’d share. Read more >

Yale University International Applicants

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According to this map from the "Yale Daily News," the majority of international students at Yale come from Asia. Shocker.

In an article in today’s Yale Daily News, “Admissions promotes Yale abroad” international students at Yale hailing from Asia outnumber the international students hailing from Europe, Africa, and Australia combined. Read more >

International Applicants to Brown University

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14% of this year’s applicants to Brown University hail from outside of the USA.

This year, 14% of admitted students to Brown University hail from outside of the United States. According to “The Brown Daily Herald,” topping the list of countries from which its admitted students reside are China (57), India (34), and the United Kingdom (33). Read more >

Ivy League International Applicants

Ivy League International Students, Internationals at Ivies, Ivy International Applicants

Which Ivy League college admitted the most international applicants? Photo credit: Alfred Hutter.

So far, below is the current breakdown of the percentage of admitted students hailing from outside of the United States to six of the eight member colleges that comprise the Ivy League:

Brown University: 14%

Columbia University: 16%

Dartmouth College: 7%

Harvard University: 10%

University of Pennsylvania: 11%

Princeton University: 10.3%

The additional figures from the remaining Ivy League colleges are forthcoming. Read more >

Students in India

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Most students from India who complete their university studies in the United States return to India upon graduation.

A joint study by Rutgers University, Pennsylvania State University, and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences has found that the vast majority of students from India who pursue their university education in the United States choose to return to India upon the completion of their schooling. Read more >

International Student Support

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Brown is looking to increase support for international students at the university (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Brown University is making attempts to increase the support available to international students who enroll at the university. It’s often difficult for students from other parts of the world to adjust to daily life at an American university and thus Brown is undertaking initiatives to improve the available support during the transition to college, during college, and after college. Read more >