Horace Mann and College Admission

Horace Mann, Horace Mann School, Horace Mann and Ivy League Admission

How do you think college admissions counselors perceive Horace Mann?

Yesterday, we wrote about the scandal at Horace Mann, a prestigious private school in New York City. To recap, a student at Horace Mann sent a disparaging letter about another student to a number of college admissions offices (presumably at the colleges the student has intentions of applying to). Read more >

Horace Mann Scandal

Horace Mann, Horace Mann School, NYC Horace Mann

Horace Mann administrators need a reality check. Their students are hyper-competitive. Just accept it. Is the act of a student sabotaging another student’s college admissions chances disgusting? Yes. But don’t act as though this has never happened before in your community, Horace Mann. Don’t be so “shocked.”

We’ve got a new Horace Mann scandal to report and it involves college admissions. Read more >