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December 1, 2012

Highly Selective Colleges

Highly Selective Universities, Highly Selective Ivies, Highly Selective Ivy League Institutions

We so often hear from students (and their parents) that they have hesitation about applying to highly selective colleges they don’t consider to be brand names. What’s an example, you ask? Williams, Amherst. But we absolutely beg to differ with these students and their parents that these universities aren’t brand names. But are Williams and Amherst known to the whole world as two of the most highly selective colleges in the United States? It’s true that many have never heard of Williams and Amherst. It’s true that many have heard of Harvard and Yale and think of these universities when asked to name the top colleges in America.

But we’re here to tell you that those who matter — those who will be making major decisions that impact your life in the future — will absolutely have heard of Williams and Amherst. And they will know that these two schools are among the most highly selective in the nation. They will know that the education one receives at Williams and Amherst is among the finest in the world, better even than some highly selective universities with better name recognition. Is there ultimately a value to attending a highly selective school with name recognition like Princeton or Stanford? Yes. But don’t rule out schools like Williams and Amherst because you think nobody will know you went to a great school.

Because they will. Those who will be your employers will know. Your friends will know. Your family will know. Your boss who puts you up for a promotion at work will know. Those who review your resume will know. Give people credit. Those who matter know that Amherst and Williams are two of America’s finest schools…so get over your hesitation as it’s silly.

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