Harvard Early Action Decisions

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One can rarely prepare for a flood. We don’t even try. We turn off our electronic devices and go into hiding. We kid, we kid — you’ll understand more after reading this piece (photo credit: Bidgee).

The Harvard Early Action decisions are out! Run for the hills, for higher ground! The floodgates usually open the day that Harvard releases its Early Action decisions. Read more >

Harvard Class of 2021

Harvard 2021, 2021 at Harvard, Harvard College Class of 2021

Applications were up this Early Action cycle at Harvard for the Class of 2021 (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

The Early Action numbers are in for the Harvard Class of 2021. This year, applications rose by a margin of 5% — 6,473 students ended up applying Early to the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Read more >

Deferred Harvard Early Action Applicants

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Harvard College notified their Early Action applicants of their admissions decisions yesterday (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

It’s December 11th. Yesterday, Harvard notifed its Early Action applicants of their fates. Some students earned admission. Some students were denied admissions. And still other students were deferred admission. For this latter group, their fate at Harvard will be decided during the Regular Decision round. Read more >

Harvard Early Action Results

Harvard Early Action, Early Action at Harvard, Harvard University Early Action

Harvard will be releasing decisions for Early Action applicants momentarily.

Update at 5:15 PM EST: Deferred students seemed to find out first this year, then admitted applicants, and finally denied applicants.

While this may not be the case this year (as in today), when Harvard University released their Early Action results last Early admissions cycle at 5 PM EST on December 11, 2014, they did so in a very interesting fashion. Read more >

Harvard Early Action Figures

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We’ve got the Harvard Early Action numbers for the Class of 2018 for our readers (photo credit: chensiyuan).

The Harvard Early Action figures for the Class of 2018 are in and we’ve got them for our readers. For the Class of 2018, slightly over 21 percent of students who applied via Early Action to Harvard earned a spot in the incoming class. Read more >

Harvard Early Action

Harvard Early Action Stats, Stats for Harvard Early Action, Harvard University Early Action

The Harvard Early Action figures are out for the year.

The Harvard Early Action numbers are in. For the Class of 2017, 895 students were admitted to Harvard University via Early Action. Last year, only 774 were admitted, marking an increase of 16%. As you may remember, Harvard’s Early Action pool increased this year by 14.7% as compared to last year, the first year that Early Action was back after four years of being on hiatus. Read more >