Harvard Dreamers Sometimes Need to Hear the Cold, Hard Truth

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, holds degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. The nominee to be the first Black female U.S. Supreme Court justice has a compelling life story — she’s a former federal public defender, which would mark a … 

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Asian American Applicants to Harvard

Each and every year, we hear from Asian American students and their parents who hope to earn admission to Harvard. And each and every year, we work with students and help them earn admission to Harvard. But we don’t encourage all students to apply to Harvard. In many cases, students’ … 

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The Arrogance of Some Harvard Applicants

Regular readers of our college admissions blog know all too well that if there’s any one thing that can torpedo an applicant’s chances of admission, it’s arrogance. Maybe it’s a subtle brag in a line within the Personal Statement. Maybe it’s a boast of how much money a student raised … 

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Deferred Harvard Early Action Applicants

It’s December 11th. Yesterday, Harvard notifed its Early Action applicants of their fates. Some students earned admission. Some students were denied admissions. And still other students were deferred admission. For this latter group, their fate at Harvard will be decided during the Regular Decision round. And for the vast majority of these … 

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Harvard and the Numbers

We happened to be reading “The Burlington County Times” this morning. Because who doesn’t start their day reading about what’s going on in Burlington County? As it turns out, there will be some forest trail closures. The girls soccer team finished the season undefeated. And the county is gearing up for … 

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Applicant to Harvard

We came across an article up on “Swim Swam” about a rising high school senior, Sonia Wang, who gave a verbal commitment to swim for Harvard recently. Sure, athletic recruits can give verbal commitments to universities and the article expressly makes clear that Sonia has not gained admission to Harvard yet. In … 

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Applicants to Harvard

If students get admitted to Harvard through Early Action, they go to Harvard. That’s all there is to it.

Harvard and LGBT Equality

Harvard should grant posthumous degrees to students expelled in the 1920’s for being gay.

Harvard College, Shame on You!

The administrators at Harvard College would be wise to take a course in business planning at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania because, well, it seems they haven’t been attending courses at the Harvard Business School this year. How do we know? That’s an easy one. The deadline … 

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