College Applicants Who Harness the Wind

Great College Applicants, Amazing College Applicants, Amazing Ivy League Applicant

William Kamkwamba was, in our book, the greatest college applicant. Dare we say…ever.

There are lots and lots of confident parents out there across America and around the world. We love confidence. Parents often lead off free consults with us by discussing their children, their accomplishments in musical theatre, their rare genius, their good looks, kindness, athletic prowess — you name it. Read more >

The Greatest College Applicant Ever

Great College Applicants, Greatest University Applicants, Great Ivy League Applicants

The boy who harnessed the wind is the greatest college applicant. Ever.

Recently, a young man named Kwasi Enan was admitted to all eight Ivy League colleges and he got quite the attention in the media for it! While we congratulate Kwasi on his achievement, we can’t help but snooze. ZZZzzz. Read more >