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July 26, 2013

Fancy Summer Enrichment Programs

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Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has let it be known where she stands on summer enrichment programs. She is completely against them.

If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that we at Ivy Coach stand firmly against fancy summer enrichment programs. So many parents believe that these fancy summer enrichment programs will help improve their child’s odds of getting into a highly selective college. These parents couldn’t be more off base. What these enrichment programs on a college application say to college admissions counselors is that mommy and daddy can afford to send their child to one of these such programs. It shows a lack of personal initiative on the part of the student (these programs are not that dissimilar, in our opinion, to sleep-a-way camp or a teen tour). And for college admissions counselors who make only around four times as much as the cost of these programs for an individual student (often not even), they’re not exactly going to go to bat for them if they’re a borderline candidate. After all, college admissions counselors are real people with real human emotions!

Our Founder, Bev Taylor, has let the world know in the press that these enrichment programs aren’t as good as people think that they are. They are certainly a cash cow for universities but they are not a ticket to getting in. They will not give an applicant a leg up in admissions. They just won’t in spite of what so many think. These people are just plain wrong with a capital W.

There are so many other great things a student can do over the summer months to show initiative, to demonstrate their passion, and to make a difference. So many folks believe getting a job will hurt your chances for admission because instead of a job, students could be attending fancy summer enrichment programs. No! Getting a job is much, much better. It’s a genuine life experience, not a manufactured one. Colleges don’t like to see manufactured life experiences on applications. Do research, compete in your sport, make a difference in your community. Think globally, act locally…as the saying goes.

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