Social Media Peeping Down in Admissions

Have you been monitoring your child’s social media presence because you’re worried what he posts will hurt his case for admission to highly selective colleges? If so, we support you! You must assume that anything you can see on your child’s social media profile can also be seen by admissions … 

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Facebook and College Essays

There was an article yesterday in the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” in which our Founder, Bev Taylor, is quoted that focuses on admissions officers disclosing on social media what is written in college essays. One admissions officer in particular, a former Penn admissions officer by … 

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Facebook Photos and College Admission

Allen Grove, writer of the “” blog on college admissions recently posted about fifteen Facebook photos that will make you look good to admissions officers. While we typically enjoy his posts, we happen to think that this post is utterly ridiculous. Citing a 2010 Kaplan survey in which it was … 

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Harvard and Facebook

Harvard University has reached the 500,000 Facebook fans milestone. Harvard is the first university to achieve this feat.

College Admissions

Did you or your child Facebook friend their regional admissions counselors during the college admissions process? Did they send them a FB message or “poke” them? We hope not! We’ve previously posted about the impact of Facebook in the college admissions process and about social networking and college admissions. But today, … 

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