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January 2, 2015

Extended Admissions Deadlines

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Vanderbilt University extended its Early Decision II and Regular Decision deadline to January 5, 2015.

It makes sense when colleges extend admissions deadlines when major storms impacts parts of the country. It makes sense when colleges extend admissions deadlines when the Common Application’s bugs frustrate so many students hoping to submit their applications on time (remember the Great Crash of 2013?). But we think it’s rather silly when colleges extend their admissions deadlines at the last minute for no particular reason. Well, that’s not exactly the case. Sometimes colleges extend their admissions deadlines because they simply want to receive more applications. With so many frantic students getting in the vast majority of their Regular Decision applications by January 1st, they get to take a breath after that deadline passes. And with that breath, some colleges hope that these students will come up with enough energy to complete on more application. Their application.

After all, the more students that choose to apply to a school, the lower that school’s admission rate will invariably be. So colleges will do just about anything to encourage students to apply — even unqualified students. And this includes extending deadlines. So which university makes the list for extending their deadline at the last minute this year? Vanderbilt University. According to an email sent to prospective applicants from Vanderbilt’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions John O. Gaines: “Do you need more time to complete your college application? We’re giving you a few more days! According to our records, you have begun your Common Application for admission to Vanderbilt. We have just extended our Early Decision II and Regular Decision application deadlines to January 5. We encourage you to complete and submit your application to Vanderbilt — so that we can get to know you. As always, we will work individually with any applicants or high school personnel who are trying to submit materials by the deadline. Our admissions counselors are available to help with any questions. Enjoy the remainder of your senior year!”

We get it, Vanderbilt. You wanted to get more applications. Whether it’s because you noticed your applicant pool wasn’t as large as you had hoped or because you simply wanted to boost the number no matter what, we know it’s all part of the game. And now so too do our readers!

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