Not Applying To College Early Is A Major Mistake

Applying Early Decision, Applying Early Action, Advantage of Early Decision

The biggest mistake so many applicants make when applying to highly selective colleges? They don’t apply in the Early round.

We have argued for many years that to not apply to college during the Early Decision / Early Action round is to make the biggest mistake in highly selective college admissions. Read more >

Why Applying Early to College is Vital

Early Decision Application, Early Action Application, Apply Early to College

Students who choose not to apply to college in the Early round are making a major blunder.

Many students and parents wonder if they should be applying Early Decision or Early Action or if they should be waiting until the Regular Decision round before submitting applications. The fact that students and parents even debate this issue drives us mad. Read more >

A Defense of Early Decision

Early Decision, Early Decision Merits, Merits of Early Decision

There is an editorial in “The Dartmouth Review” that speaks to the merits of Early Decision policies.

There was an article yesterday in “The Dartmouth Review,” the conservative student publication at Dartmouth College once led by the likes of Laura Ingraham and Dinish D’Souza (they were once engaged) that essentially serves as a defense of Early Decision. Read more >

An Early Decision Myth

Early Decision, Myth of Early Decision, Early Decision Myths

Students who don’t apply Early Decision or Early Action waste a valuable card in their back pocket (photo credit: Jazz-Face).

One of the core objectives of our college admissions blog is to correct misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process. These misconceptions are put out there in the press, by high school counselors (not all high school counselors are experts in college admissions…in fact, most aren’t), by the neighbor’s third cousin once removed, and by just about everyone in between. Read more >

Binding Early Decision Commitment

Early Decision Commitment, Early Decision, Applying Early Decision

There’s a piece up on “US News & World Report” about students who violate binding Early Decision policies.

There’s a piece up on “US News & World Report” by Alexandra Pannoni entitled “What Happens to Students Who Back Out of Early Decision Offers” that we figured we’d share with our readers. Read more >

2016 Early Decision Notification Dates

2021 Early Decision Dates, 2021 Early Action Dates, Class of 2021 Early Action

We’ve got some notification dates for Early Decision and Early Action applicants to the Class of 2021.

For those students waiting to hear from their Early Decision / Early Action schools, we figured we’d update you with anticipated notification dates. After all, there’s no sense checking your phone every day, every hour on the hour if you know the decision isn’t coming for another several days, right? Read more >

Commitment of Early Decision

Early Decision Commitment, Early Decision, Binding Early Decision

Early Decision is a binding commitment, one so many students are scared to make. Use that to your advantage as an applicant (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

Afraid to make an Early Decision commitment? Lots of students choose not to apply Early Decision to schools that have Early Decision policies. And why? Read more >

Crazy Students Don’t Apply Early Decision

Apply Early Decision, Applying Early Decision, Applying Early Action

Does the University of Pennsylvania value its Early Decision applicants? You bet they do (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

We firmly believe that only crazy students don’t apply Early Decision or Early Action. The odds of getting in through the Early Decision or Early Action round (depending on the college’s policy) are so much stronger than are the odds of getting in during the Regular Decision round. Read more >

Early Decision 2 Round

ED2 Round, Early Decision, Early Decision Round Two

Emory University is one institution with an Early Decision 2 round.

Most highly selective colleges have only one round of Early Decision. But at some schools — both highly selective, selective, and not particularly selective — there are two distinct rounds of Early Decision. So we figured we’d share with the readers of our college admissions blog the colleges that offer two rounds of Early Decision. Read more >

Early Decision Commitment

Early Decision, Early Action, Early Decision Policies

We strongly disagree with the points of an op-ed in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” in which the writer argues against Early Decision policies. We find his points to be a bit out of touch with reality.

If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that we encourage our students at Ivy Coach to make an Early Decision commitment by applying to a college with an Early Decision policy, or to apply to a college that offers an Early Action policy. Read more >