2016 Early Decision Notification Dates

For those students waiting to hear from their Early Decision / Early Action schools, we figured we’d update you with anticipated notification dates. After all, there’s no sense checking your phone every day, every hour on the hour if you know the decision isn’t coming for another several days, right? … 

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Early Action and Early Decision Notification

We figured we’d share with our readers other Early Action and Early Decision notification dates and times (outside of the Ivy League): Amherst College- December 12th Barnard College – December 10th – 7:00 PM – EST Boston College (BC) – Before December 25th Bryn Mawr College – Before December 25th Bucknell … 

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Early Decision and Early Action Notification

With just days to go before Early Decision and Early Action notifications are released, we’ve had quite a few parents schedule free consults who are concerned their children won’t be gaining admission to their Early school. These of course are not parents of students we worked with for the Early … 

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Early Admission Notification Dates

Early admission notification dates are just around the corner! If you applied through an Early Action or Early Decision program, you’ll soon be learning whether you’ve been admitted, deferred, or denied admission. We sure hope you haven’t procrastinated completing your Regular Decision applications because if you get deferred or denied admission … 

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Early Decision Notifications

If you applied Early Decision (or Early Action), we want to give you some advice on receiving your admissions decision. First and foremost, be alone. You might think that it would be fun to open it with friends or family around, but it’s always best to take the news in … 

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Early Decision Notification

Brown University will be notifying Early applicants of their decisions tomorrow (12/13). Harvard will do so on Thursday, 12/15.