A Week Before the Early Deadline

There’s about a week to go before the vast majority of Early Decision / Early Action deadlines. At this point, there are going to be some mistakes that can’t be corrected in the remaining days. If a student took part in a fancy summer enrichment program early on in high … 

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The Looming Early Admission Deadline

Around this time of year, many seniors and the parents of seniors reach out to us in the hope of improving their case for admission. Our first question to them typically goes something like this: “Where are you applying Early?” In many cases, the reply goes something like this: “He’s … 

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Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines

With the Early Decision and Early Action deadline looming, Pomona College sent out a fun email that taught its recipients the etymology of the word ‘deadline.’ Thank you Pomona. As it’s a light college admissions news day, we figured we’d share what Pomona’s admissions office has to say about deadlines. We … 

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Early Decision and Early Action Deadline

If you’re a high school senior and you haven’t yet submitted your Early Decision or Early Action application but will be doing so before the clock strikes November 2nd, you might consider a last minute review of your application. This would include a review of your Common Application, including your … 

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Early Decision Deadline Looming

At this time next month, we’ll be right up against the deadline for students to submit their Early Decision and/or Early Action applications. If you’re thinking that you’re going to wait until the Regular Decision round to apply to colleges, you are making a major mistake. To not use one … 

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Extended Early Application Deadlines

Extended Early application deadlines are on the horizon. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve come down hard on The Common Application of late and we’ve written extensively about errors students are experiencing with the latest version of the application. Well, now colleges are acknowledging that there are issues with this year’s … 

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Early Decision Due Dates

As the result of Hurricane Sandy, some Early Decision due dates have changed. Colleges are often flexible with their deadlines when storms are brewing. And that they are on the East Coast. Harvard, as an example, said in a press release that it is always flexible on such deadlines when … 

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Early Decision Deadlines

Early Decision and Early Action deadlines at numerous Ivy League colleges were extended this year due to the East Coast storm.

Early Decision Deadline

The Early Decision deadline is fast approaching. Read over your essays in this final week.