2020-2021 Early Application Rumors

Around this time every year, our nation’s highly selective colleges tend to report how many Early Decision / Early Action applications have been received. After all, it’s November 20th and most ED/EA applications, with exceptions like Duke University, were due on November 1st. It doesn’t take 20 days to count … 

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Applying Early to Colleges

Applying Early to colleges is the way to go. It’s September 22nd. If you’re a high school senior and you haven’t started working on your college applications yet, what have you been waiting for? If you’re a reader of our college admissions blog, you know full well that we’ve been … 

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Applying Early Decision or Early Action

Applying Early Decision or Early Action is very wise. If you’re a high school junior and you’re starting to seriously think about where you want to attend college in less than two years from now, we’ve got some advice for you. If you read nothing else on our college admissions … 

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Applying Early Decision

Applying Early Decision drastically improves one’s chances for admission as compared to applying Regular Decision.