The Competitive Edge of Early Decision

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There was recently an editorial on Early Decision in “The New York Times” by Frank Bruni.

There’s an editorial in “The New York Times” by Frank Bruni entitled “The Plague of ‘Early Decision’” that we figured we’d discuss on the pages of our college admissions blog. We are never shy about correcting Mr. Read more >

The Advantage of Early Applications

Early Decision Advantage, Early Action Advantage, Early Application Advantage

There is a great quote from a former Northwestern University admissions officer on the pages of “The Washington Post.”

We know, we know. Yet another post on the advantage of Early applications. Whatever. Deal with it. We regularly make a point of expressing the importance of a student using his or her Early Decision or Early Action card and using it wisely. Read more >

Commitment of Early Decision

Early Decision Commitment, Early Decision, Binding Early Decision

Early Decision is a binding commitment, one so many students are scared to make. Use that to your advantage as an applicant (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

Afraid to make an Early Decision commitment? Lots of students choose not to apply Early Decision to schools that have Early Decision policies. And why? Read more >

Advantage of Early Decision

Early Decision Advantage, Early Action Advantage, The Advantages of Applying Early Decision

Any information out there that applying Early is only to the advantage of recruited athletes and legacies is patently false.

Some parents come to us around this time of year in the hope that their child won’t make mistakes in the highly selective college admissions process that will hurt their case for admission. Read more >

Applying to One College

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There’s a piece in “Insider Higher Ed” how many students are only applying to one college.

Thinking of applying to one college or to twenty colleges this college admissions cycle? There’s a piece up on “Insider Higher Ed” entitled “Most Freshmen Apply to One College, Data Suggest” that we figured we’d write about on the pages of our college admissions blog. Read more >

The Early Decision Advantage

Early Decision Advantages, Applying Early Decision, Why Early Decision Helps

“The Los Angeles Times” has a piece on the advantages of applying Early Decision or Early Action that we figured we’d share with our readers.

There was an article recently in “The Los Angeles Times” entitled “More high school seniors taking early admission to college” by Carla Rivera that we figured we’d discuss. Read more >

Early Decision Advantage

One of the things we like to do on our college admissions blog is to point out popular misconceptions and inaccuracies relating to the highly stressful admissions process. In an article in “The Dartmouth,” America’s oldest college newspaper, in which our Founder, Bev Taylor, is featured, there is a belief asserted by a high school director of college counseling that is not correct. Read more >