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October 16, 2011

Early Decision Admission

Admission Via Early Decision, Early Decision, Early Action
The Early Decision admission deadline is almost upon us. Read over your essays for typos! If you haven’t read them over in a week or two, you’ll have fresh eyes (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

Are you applying Early Decision admission to a certain college this fall? We hope you’re done or almost done with your application. The deadline is fast approaching – November 1st! It’s October 17th. So if you’re not done or if you haven’t started…it’s time to get serious. Maybe applying Early Decision isn’t for you. If you were so sure you wanted to apply to this university and commit to going there for four years, then why haven’t you done your application? Why haven’t you written all of your essays? Maybe your subconscious is saying to you that this might not be the school for you. Or maybe you’re just a procrastinator! If that’s the case, it’s time to end your procrastination because this is getting a tad ridiculous. Finish those essays. Go over them and go over them again. Should you be the only one going over them? No. Good writing is about rewriting. It’s about writing draft after draft, revision after revision. You should have someone who can look over your drafts and give you feedback. If you’re on our site, you probably know we do that. But maybe you’re just here for free information. That’s okay! We like to give out free information, too! Don’t be embarrassed. We see you blushing. No, you didn’t accidentally leave your webcam on. Anyway, if you have finished your Early Decision admission application and you haven’t touched it for a week, it might also be a good idea to take another look at it with fresh eyes. You haven’t read your essays in a week. Maybe now you’ll see something that you could have said better. Or maybe it’s something that you shouldn’t have said. Or maybe you just noticed eighteen typos in the first paragraph alone. If that’s the case, yikes! The point is — go over it, go over it, go over it. It might just be the most important writing you ever do.

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