On Committing Early Decision

One of the core objectives of this college admissions blog has long been to debunk misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process. And today we will do just that as we address an article in The New York Times by Ron Lieber entitled “Early Decision Isn’t Binding. Let Us … 

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Early Admission Policies

Have you read a lot of criticism directed at Early admission policies of late? If so, stick around because there’s another side to the story — a side we’ve been championing for many years. Every now and then we come across an editorial on highly selective college admissions in which … 

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The Wealthy and Early Decision

There are some folks who argue that Early Decision and Early Action policies at highly selective colleges cater to the wealthy, to the disadvantage of middle and lower income college applicants. But these folks — as we’ve been saying for years — are wrong to assert such. Do wealthier applicants tend … 

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Certainty and Applying Early Decision

There’s a piece in “Forbes” by Troy Onink entitled “College Admissions: Answers From Prep School Pros” that we figured we’d discuss on the pages of our college admissions blog. A college counselor at a preparatory school is asked about when students should or should not apply Early Decision or Early Action. … 

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Early Admission

Ivy Coach was featured in an article of “The Yale Daily News” a couple of days ago. Entitled “Early programs not created equal,” the piece, written by Rishabh Bhandari, the piece focuses on the difference between Early Decision programs and Early Action programs (including Single Choice Early Action programs). According … 

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Early Decision Admission

The Early Decision admission deadline is almost upon us. Read over your essays for typos!