Harvard Early Action Decisions

Harvard ED Decisions, Early Action at Harvard, Early Harvard Results

One can rarely prepare for a flood. We don’t even try. We turn off our electronic devices and go into hiding. We kid, we kid — you’ll understand more after reading this piece (photo credit: Bidgee).

The Harvard Early Action decisions are out! Run for the hills, for higher ground! The floodgates usually open the day that Harvard releases its Early Action decisions. Read more >

2019 Harvard Early Action Stats

Harvard 2019 Admission Rate, Early Action at Harvard, 2019 Harvard Early Action

16.5% of Early Action applicants to Harvard for the Class of 2019 earned admission.

The 2019 Harvard Early Action stats are in and this year’s Early admission rate marked the lowest admission rate in recent years. In all, 5,919 students applied to be members of the Class of 2019 at Harvard University. Read more >