Duke Fall Plans

Duke University has updated its fall plans in response to rising COVID-19 cases across North Carolina and America. This coming fall, on-campus undergraduate housing will be restricted to first-year students along with sophomores and students with special circumstances who have been pre-approved by Student Affairs. Come spring, it will be … 

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Duke Admissions Tells It Like It Is

Some admissions officers tell it like it is. And some tell it like it isn’t. Most, in our experience, fall into the latter category and so we always make a point on our college admissions blog of pointing out the folks who speak the truth about the admissions process even … 

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Early Decision at Duke

The figures for Early Decision at Duke are in. In all, 3,146 students applied through Duke’s binding Early Decision program this fall. The 3,146 students are not a high for the university and are indeed down from last year’s mark of 3,180 Early Decision applicants — a drop Ivy Coach … 

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Duke University Student

At Ivy Coach, we love to highlight budding entrepreneurs from highly selective colleges. And, today, we’re highlighting a Duke University student — an enterprising sophomore — Bryan Silverman. Bryan Silverman was recently named by “Entrepreneur Magazine” as the top college entrepreneur of 2012. So what’d he create? The next social … 

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Admission to Duke University

Scandals rarely diminish the number of applications a college receives. Duke University is the perfect case study.

Duke University Admission

The yield at Duke University went up a bit for the Class of 2015 as compared to the previous year.

Duke University Admissions

It’s interesting to note that after another scandal at Duke University this past year, admissions statistics again did not seem to be impacted one bit. What scandal are we referring to at Duke University? We realize it can be difficult to keep track of all of the brouhaha in Durham, … 

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