Early Decision at Dartmouth

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Ivy Coach is cited today on the pages of “The Dartmouth.”

Ivy Coach is featured today in America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth.” In the piece in Dartmouth College’s newspaper written by Joyce Lee entitled “Early decision students to comprise 47 percent of class,” the Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, praises Dartmouth for its outreach in the last couple of years in particular to international applicants. While Dartmouth, like just about all highly selective colleges, have been trying to woo international applicants for many years, Dartmouth in particular has made strides in this department over the last few years and we’ve taken notice.

As Lee writes, “Bev Taylor, founder of college admissions consulting firm Ivy Coach, said that Dartmouth has been working to have more international applicants and has seen an increase in its application numbers over the past two years. She said that the increase in applications and their quality, as well as the diversity in the pool, was cause for praise.”

As the piece points out, more and more students are (wisely) applying Early these days too. Just think about it — 47% of Dartmouth’s incoming first-year class is already filled before the Regular Decision round. That means almost half the slots are taken. To not apply Early, to not use one’s Early card wisely is to make a costly mistake in highly selective college admissions.

As Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Lee Coffin states, “Over the last ten years, more students are being counseled to apply early somewhere, and college counselors say half or two-thirds of their senior class file an early decision or early action application…That’s a growing trend that’s showing up in our pool too. There’s a consciousness about early decision, as a strategy.” You bet there is.

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Dartmouth via Early Decision this year…to be members of the Dartmouth College Class of 2021!

Dartmouth Class of 2021

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In all, 1,999 students applied Early Decision to Dartmouth this year.

The Early Decision numbers are in at Dartmouth College for the Class of 2021. In all, a record 1,999 students applied for admission to the College on the Hill (falling one short of 2,000 applicants must’ve been a little frustrating but it was a record nonetheless!). Of the 1,999 students, 555 were sent offers of admission. And unlike for Tulane University, Dartmouth College wasn’t kidding about any of them. Too soon? We blog about college admissions every day. We’ve got to add some color every now and then.

As reports Noah Goldstein for America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth,” “The admitted students will form around 47 percent of the incoming class. Compared to last year’s early decision admits, the Class of 2021 had a higher number of students in the top 10 percent of their high school classes in addition to higher average scores on the ACT and SAT. This year’s 27.8 percent acceptance rate is an increase from last year’s 25.6 percent. The overall number of applications went up by 3.7 percent.”

In light of record application numbers and a strong pool at Dartmouth College this fall, we fully anticipate that the interim tag on Interim Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Paul Sunde’s title to be removed. The job should be his!

So just less than half of the Class of 2021 at Dartmouth College is already full. If one doesn’t understand the importance of applying Early, think about it like this: You like pizza. You order a pizza. A passerby eats just a little less than half of the pie. You only have so many slices left to eat. But you still really like pizza. And not EBAs pizza. That’s a Dartmouth reference. EBAs is prized at Dartmouth for delivering pizza late into the night — not so much for the quality of their pizza. But enough about pizza.

As Goldstein reports, “Fifty-two percent of the students have applied for financial aid—up from 48 last year—while at least 11 percent are eligible for Pell Grants. There are students from 45 states in addition to Puerto Rico and the District of Colombia alongside 22 countries, with the largest number of students hailing from California. Thirty-four percent of the students attend independent schools, 13 percent attend religion-affiliated schools, and two of them have been home schooled.” 45 states — not bad. Look for applicants from the other five states to have an easier time of it during the Regular Decision round than most! Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Dartmouth College this year!

Dartmouth Early Decision Figures

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The Dartmouth Early Decision figures are in. 469 students earned admission in the Early round (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

The Dartmouth Early Decision figures are in for the Class of 2018. In the Early round, 469 students earned admission to the College on the Hill. As you may remember, 1,678 students applied for Early Decision admission to Dartmouth this fall. That number marked an increase of over 6 percent from last year’s Early Decision applicant pool. This group of 469 admitted students will eventually comprise approximately 40 percent of the overall Dartmouth Class of 2018. So that leaves 60 percent of the class to be filled through the Regular Decision pool.

According to Dartmouth’s website, “Among the admitted students, the mean SAT score was 2156 and the mean ACT score was 32.1. Among students who attend schools that report rank, 31 percent are ranked first in their class and 94 percent are ranked in the top 10 percent. The mean ACT score of accepted students is in the 98th percentile, and the average SAT score placed in the 97th percentile.”

Maria Laskaris, the Dean of Admissions at Dartmouth, expressed satisfaction not only with the increase in the size of the Early Decision applicant pool but also in the increased quality of the pool. As Dartmouth has an Early Decision policy, students admitted in the Early round are bound to attend.

Dartmouth Early Decision

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Dartmouth has extended its Early Decision deadline for the third year in a row.

The Dartmouth Early Decision deadline is being extended, joining a host of other highly selective universities. According to an article in “The Dartmouth” entitled “College extends early decision deadline to Nov. 8,” the decision by Dartmouth to extend the Early Decision deadline is rooted in troubles students and school counselors have been having with the functionality of the Common Application. According to “The Dartmouth,” “While the Admissions Office has not yet experienced any challenges with downloading or processing applications, dean of admissions and financial aid Maria Laskaris said the department has received calls from concerned students, counselors and parents, especially those from schools that use Naviance, a web-based software that helps submit college application forms.”

This year’s Early Decision extension at Dartmouth marks the third time in three years that the College on the Hill has pushed its deadline. Last year, as you may recall, Dartmouth extended its deadline because of Hurricane Sandy. The previous year, Dartmouth extended its deadline because of a snowstorm that left millions of homes on the East Coast without electricity in its wake. Do you think there’s a storm brewing next year or will the Common App. still not be able to get their act together?

And Dartmouth College is not alone is recently announcing that they’re extending their Early Decision deadline. Pomona College just announced that they’ll be extending their deadline, too. According to an email from the Pomona College admissions staff, “The on-going issues presented by The Common Application for prospective students, parents, guidance counselors and teachers have resulted in this extension in order to help facilitate the submission of application materials online.” We’ve already reported on a number of other institutions that, too, have extended their Early deadlines.

Dartmouth Early Decision Admit Rate

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The Dartmouth Early Decision admit rate wasn’t quite as competitive as last year’s rate.

The Dartmouth Early Decision admit rate isn’t as competitive as last year due to the 12.5% decrease in the applicant pool. This year, 464 students were admitted via Early Decision. That figure stood at 465 last year for the Early Decision pool.  For this year’s Early Decision pool, 1,574 students submitted applications to the College on the Hill. That number is compared to 1,800 last year. There are some, according to “The Dartmouth,” who speculate that media attention to hazing at Dartmouth (there was that “Rolling Stone” article a few months back by a disgruntled dropout) led to the decline in Early applications. But it’ll take some data mining to fully understand the 12.5% drop.

According to “The Dartmouth,” “[Dean of Admissions] [Maria] Laskaris said she would not speculate about the decline in the early decision applicant pool without conducting polls of students who decided to apply to colleges other than Dartmouth. She said the reasons for the decline will become evident when the admission cycle for the Class of 2017 is completed. ‘Once we complete the cycle, we will have a chance to do some follow-up and understand our year in a broader context,’ Laskaris said.”

The admitted Early Decision candidates will comprise about 40% of the total class. Of the admitted Early Decision candidates, according to “The Dartmouth,” about 30% are athletic recruits, a rate that has reportedly remained stable over the last few years. The average SAT scores for this year’s Early admits? 2141. Last year’s? 2146. And 2144 the year before that. So with the decline in applicants, the mean SAT score went down as well. So not exactly the greatest Early admissions cycle for Dartmouth, but we have a feeling they’ll bounce back next year.

Dartmouth College Admissions

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465 students were admitted to Dartmouth College through Early Decision (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

The Dartmouth College Admissions Office has announced that 465 students were admitted to the College on the Hill through Early Decision. The 465 incoming students mark an increase of 21 students as only 444 students were admitted via Early Decision for the Dartmouth Class of 2015. According to “The Dartmouth,” these 465 students will represent 40% of the incoming Dartmouth Class of 2016.

With 1,800 applications to Dartmouth this year in Early Decision, the university witnessed an increase in the applicant pool from the previous year (41 more students applied). The 41 student increase marks a 2.6% increase. If you’ll recall, some Ivy League colleges witnessed decreases in their Early applicant pools this fall (see Yale University Early Stats and UPenn Early Stats).

Is it interesting to you that with Harvard and Princeton reinstating Early policies this admissions cycle, some Ivy League colleges saw decreases in their applicant pool? Why do you think this wasn’t the case at Dartmouth College? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!