Early Decision at Dartmouth

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Ivy Coach is cited today on the pages of “The Dartmouth.”

Ivy Coach is featured today in America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth.” In the piece in Dartmouth College’s newspaper¬†written by Joyce Lee entitled “Early decision students to comprise 47 percent of class,” the Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, praises Dartmouth for its outreach in the last couple of years in particular to international applicants. Read more >

Dartmouth Class of 2021

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In all, 1,999 students applied Early Decision to Dartmouth this year.

The Early Decision numbers are in at Dartmouth College for the Class of 2021. In all, a record 1,999 students applied for admission to the College on the Hill (falling one short of 2,000 applicants must’ve been a little frustrating but it was a record nonetheless!). Read more >

Dartmouth Early Decision Figures

Dartmouth Early Decision, Early Decision at Dartmouth, Early Decision Numbers at Dartmouth

The Dartmouth Early Decision figures are in. 469 students earned admission in the Early round (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

The Dartmouth Early Decision figures are in for the Class of 2018. In the Early round, 469 students earned admission to the College on the Hill. As you may remember, 1,678 students applied for Early Decision admission to Dartmouth this fall. Read more >

Dartmouth Early Decision

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Dartmouth has extended its Early Decision deadline for the third year in a row.

The Dartmouth Early Decision deadline is being extended, joining a host of other highly selective universities. According to an article in “The Dartmouth” entitled “College extends early decision deadline to Nov. 8,” the decision by Dartmouth to extend the Early Decision deadline is rooted in troubles students and school counselors have been having with the functionality of the Common Application. Read more >

Dartmouth Early Decision Admit Rate

Dartmouth Early Admit Rate, Dartmouth ED Admit Rate, Admit Rate to Dartmouth, Dartmouth College Admit Rate

The Dartmouth Early Decision admit rate wasn’t quite as competitive as last year’s rate.

The Dartmouth Early Decision admit rate isn’t as competitive as last year due to the 12.5% decrease in the applicant pool. This year, 464 students were admitted via Early Decision. That figure stood at 465 last year for the Early Decision pool. ¬† Read more >