The Dartmouth Class of 2021

Dartmouth 2021, 2021 at Dartmouth, Dartmouth College 2021

An article in America’s oldest college newspaper offers insight into Dartmouth’s Class of 2021.

The College on the Hill offered 2,092 students admission to its Class of 2021 this Regular Decision admissions cycle. These 2,092 students were among the 20,034 students who applied for admission subsequent to the Early Decision round. Read more >

Early Decision at Dartmouth

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Ivy Coach is cited today on the pages of “The Dartmouth.”

Ivy Coach is featured today in America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth.” In the piece in Dartmouth College’s newspaper¬†written by Joyce Lee entitled “Early decision students to comprise 47 percent of class,” the Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, praises Dartmouth for its outreach in the last couple of years in particular to international applicants. Read more >

Dartmouth Class of 2021

Dartmouth 2021, Dartmouth College 2021, Admission to Dartmouth 2021

In all, 1,999 students applied Early Decision to Dartmouth this year.

The Early Decision numbers are in at Dartmouth College for the Class of 2021. In all, a record 1,999 students applied for admission to the College on the Hill (falling one short of 2,000 applicants must’ve been a little frustrating but it was a record nonetheless!). Read more >