The Influence of Money on College Essay Topics

They say that money doesn’t buy happiness. Well, it apparently also doesn’t buy wise decision-making when it comes to choosing a topic for the Personal Statement in college admissions. A piece in yesterday’s New York Times by Arvin Ashok entitled “The Persistent Grip of Social Class on College Admissions” focuses … 

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College Essay Subjects

In your college essays, it’s important to not simply reiterate what the rest of your college application says about you. If, for example, your major activity is playing football, don’t write about football in your personal statement. Even if you scored one heck of a touchdown against your high school’s … 

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Topics for College Essays

There’s a blog up on “The New York Times’” “The Choice” that details a student’s struggles with writing her college essays. The student, Sush Krishnamoorthy, couldn’t seem to settle on a topic. She received advice to “be herself,” “find her voice,” and “tell an interesting story.” But none of that … 

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College Essay Topic

When selecting a college essay topic, take your time and really think it through. Often, the first thought to cross your mind as a great idea to write about in your college essay isn’t the best idea. Many college applicants write about topics they think they should be writing about. … 

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The College Essay

The college essay is best not written overnight.