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June 1, 2014

College Essay Time

Rising high school seniors should not be spending their summer surfing. But they should be writing their college essays (photo credit: Shalom Jacobovitz).

As school will soon be out for summer (or it may already be out for summer depending upon where you’re located), ’tis now college essay season! Yes, rising high school seniors, now is the time when you should begin working on — and completing — your college admissions essays as you seek to gain admission to highly selective colleges. Do not procrastinate. Do not save these essays for September or the hours leading up to the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines. The best writers rewrite constantly. With our students, we exchange revision after revision.

The summer before senior year is when students should be writing their college essays. During the summer, students aren’t inundated with schoolwork, tests, and activities. Does that mean that rising seniors should spend their summer exclusively working on their applications? Of course not. How students spend their summer before senior year will matter a great deal in the highly selective college admissions process. But no matter how you’re spending your summer, you’ll have more time to work on these essays over the next couple of months than during the fall.

Our students at Ivy Coach apply Early. To not use this card is a mistake, one our students do not make. And just about all of our students are done with the admissions process after they get into their Early Decision or Early Action school. Occasionally we have students who earn admission to a school via Early Action who then subsequently seek to apply to other schools Regular Decision but these students are the exception, not the rule. But just because our students apply Early, does that mean they don’t complete all of their other applications over the summer months? Of course not. We help our students complete all of their applications over the summer just in case they don’t get into their Early school. This way, they won’t have to complete these applications in a crazy time crunch after Early decisions come in and before the Regular Decision deadline.

Most of the time, completing these Regular Decision applications is a waste because our students get in Early. But do you really want to be in the position of having to complete all of these applications in a very short window of time? Who needs that stress? Give yourself an insurance plan. And do it this summer! If you’re interest in working with us on your college applications, fill out our consultation form today or send an email to so we can get started.

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