TikTok and College Decisions

Deciding on which college to attend based on TikTok responses? If so, you’re nuts but, apparently, you’re not alone. It seems that a new trend is students claiming they’ll attend a certain university over other universities based on the responses they get to their TikTok videos. Yes, you read that … 

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Wording of Admissions Decisions

And so it begins. Decisions have begun rolling out at some of our nation’s highly selective universities. Just today, the California Institute of Technology released decisions for its Regular Decision round. So too did the University of Chicago. Thus, today, we thought we’d walk our readers through the language these … 

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Thick College Envelopes

Students used to find out their admissions decisions in the mail. They’d look outside the window every three minutes to see if the flag was up on the mailbox. Or they’d run to the post office to see if they could intercept the letter from Princeton. Or maybe they’d flag … 

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College Admission Decisions

Harvard admissions officers tipped students off via a phone call that they’d be receiving Likely Letters.

College Admissions Decision

If your guidance counselor is smiling at you today, it might be because she knows something about your college admissions decision. Find out how.

College Decisions

Syracuse University’s Newhouse School came out with a clever strategy this year to disincline students from changing their college decisions.

College Admissions Decisions

College admissions decisions are often influenced by expressed interest. Campus newspapers can prove a valuable resource.

Deciding on Colleges

For months, you have waited anxiously to hear back from the colleges to which you applied. Was your application strong enough? Were your grades and SAT / ACT scores high enough? Did your teachers write you powerful letters of recommendation? Did you stand out from the enormous applicant pool? All … 

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Early Admissions Notification

When students apply for Regular Decision admissions, the deadline is typically January 1st and the decision letters are generally received during the first week of April. While many of Ivy Coach students this year were accepted in the Early round, some students only applied Regular Decision and so for them … 

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Deciding on the College to Attend

You’ve been through the stressful and at times grueling college application process. Once your applications were mailed, you began the long waiting period for admissions decisions. We know. You spent too much time looking at that watched pot as you waited for it to boil. But now the decisions are … 

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