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March 9, 2012

College Counseling Services

Want to read some reasons why private college counseling services might be right for you or your child if you’re a parent rather than a student)? Let’s give you some information by the numbers. Is private college counseling right for everybody? No, for sure not. Is it right for most? Maybe, maybe not. Is it right for some? You bet. And, over the years, more and more students (and their parents) are turning to private college counseling services.

The average caseload for high school guidance counselors in the United States is between 250-500 students. In so many cases, you can’t get the personalized attention you need and deserve in the college admissions process when you’re 1 of 250…or worse…1 of 500. With such caseloads, the average college applicant’s parent(s) spend one hour with their child’s guidance counselor in junior year to discuss the college admissions process. One hour! That’s it. Private college counseling services are often available around the clock.

And more and more students are turning to private college counselors. Indeed, 26% of high-achieving seniors cited that they used a private college counselor to help them in the college admissions process. 22% of students at private four-year colleges admitted they had help from a private counselor in the admissions process. And think…those are just the students who admit they had help. Think of all of the students who are too embarrassed to admit they didn’t go it alone, who don’t want to admit that their parents spent any amount of money to help them get in.

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