Students Should Not Advertise Working with Private College Consultants

We came across an article today about a private college consultancy that we thought was an April Fools’ Day joke. But then we checked the calendar and we realized it’s only January 27th. Hey, life’s not going by that quickly during this worldwide pandemic. In any case, the piece, up … 

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Scrutinizing a College Consultancy

USA Today recently published a juicy take-down piece of a college consulting company known as Crimson Education. The piece, penned by Chris Quintana and Kevin McCoy, is entitled “This Harvard grad has made millions on U.S. college admissions for international students” and boy is it gripping. The take-down piece focuses … 

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A Global Private College Consultancy

When over 26% of high-achieving high school students have acknowledged using private college counselors as they navigate the admissions process, you can bet the figure is actually a whole lot higher. After all, in our experience, most students and their parents don’t like to admit they had help earning admission … 

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College Consultantcy

Ivy Coach will help you distinguish yourself from other students applying to the same competitive colleges.