College Applicants Who Harness the Wind

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William Kamkwamba was, in our book, the greatest college applicant. Dare we say…ever.

There are lots and lots of confident parents out there across America and around the world. We love confidence. Parents often lead off free consults with us by discussing their children, their accomplishments in musical theatre, their rare genius, their good looks, kindness, athletic prowess — you name it. Read more >

Where You Go To College Matters

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Even folks who argue that where you go to college doesn’t matter, like an editorialist in “The Huffington Post,” can’t help but acknowledge that graduating from top colleges can really help one’s career, dating life, etc.

A piece up on “The Huffington Post” by Nelson Cheng discusses how in certain parts of the country, like the City of Angels, where you went to college doesn’t matter as much as some folks may think. Read more >

Making College Applicants Interesting

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What do you think of our new logo? We’re crowdsourcing for opinions from our reader-base.

We received a very thoughtful “thank you” note recently from a student who really honed in on what we do at Ivy Coach. As this student mentioned, we help make students interesting. Indeed we helped find the interesting within this student. Read more >

College Applicants

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There may be fewer college applicants in the next few years due to changing demographics.

A piece in “The LA Times” published recently highlights demographic declines in college applicants over the next decade. According to the piece on college applicants, “High school graduates will face less competition for college admission in the next decade due to a demographic decline in their ranks, according to a report on education enrollment trends released Wednesday.  Read more >

College Application

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The makers of The Common Application debated this year whether or not to include a question that asks students their sexual orientation. The makers of the application ultimately decided against including this question. At least for now.

The makers of The Common Application, the college application used by just about every high school student who applies to universities, debated whether or not to include a question about applicants’ sexual orientation this year. Read more >

The Common Application

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The Common Application is adding a few new questions to their application.

New questions have been added to the Common Application, announced the Common Application, Inc. The questions won’t apply to the vast majority of college applicants but rather reflect the diversity of applicants who now apply to college. Marital status, children, and an optional question on military status have all been added to the application. Read more >

Completing the Common Application

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There are some new member institutions for the Common Application.

Colleges that subscribe to the Common Application are on the rise…again. So next year, expect the most competitive college admissions class ever with more college applications than ever before! Only we know that this isn’t really the case. Next year’s admissions class will not be significantly more competitive than the current one. Read more >

College Admissions and Facebook

Colleges obviously use Facebook as a forum to recruit students to apply to their school and to recruit students to attend once they’ve been accepted. But what colleges are doing this the most successfully? Let’s take a look at a “US News & World Report” chart by Ryan Lytle as published in “Colleges Bring Campuses to Facebook” in which they analyze the Facebook fans of the universities they ranked as the ten most prestigious universities in America. Read more >

University Recruitment

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As students apply to more and more colleges, yield rates at colleges will invariably drop.

It’s that time of year when colleges and universities are attempting to sway admitted students to attend their schools. In no uncertain terms, the tables have turned. According to an “LA Times” article published today, “As students applied and were admitted to more schools, the yield — the percentage of accepted students who enroll — dipped in the last decade, from 48% to 43% for public universities and from 40% to 35% for private, not-for-profit schools, according to the National Assn. Read more >

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