College Applicants Who Harness the Wind

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William Kamkwamba was, in our book, the greatest college applicant. Dare we say…ever.

There are lots and lots of confident parents out there across America and around the world. We love confidence. Parents often lead off free consults with us by discussing their children, their accomplishments in musical theatre, their rare genius, their good looks, kindness, athletic prowess — you name it. Read more >

An Absurdly Remarkable College Applicant

Remarkable College Applicant, College Applicant, Jack Andraka

Need we say more about this remarkable young man and member of Stanford’s Class of 2019?

Students and parents sometimes ask us to share with them the best through line we can think of from a college admissions standpoint. We’ve written before about the young man who, with spare bike parts and other odds and ends, harnessed the power of the wind to power his Malawi village and change the lives of his fellow villagers. Read more >

The Greatest College Applicant Graduates

Greatest College Applicant, Greatest University Applicant, Greatest Ivy Applicant

Congratulations to William Kamkwamba on your graduation from Dartmouth College. We hope you continue to change the world.

Someone once asked us who we believe is the strongest college applicant ever. The answer is: Who knows. There are many ridiculously strong applicants. There are Olympians and Broadway performers, established Hollywood stars and war heroes…the list goes on. Read more >

College Bound

Bound for College, Ivy Bound, Ivy League Bound, University Bound

Ivy Coach is featured in “Alaska Airlines Magazine.”

If you’ve been traveling lately by air, you may have noticed Ivy Coach featured in “Alaska Airlines Magazine” in a piece by Lora Shinn entitled “College Bound.” In the article, our Founder, Bev Taylor, is quoted as saying that applicants to highly selective colleges must tell a story. Read more >