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January 2, 2013

College Admissions Deadlines

On January 1st, we celebrate the New Year all over the world as our new students finish their applications by the college admissions deadlines. Most of our students finished their applications a long time ago, but some students don’t come to us until around the holiday season so we’ve got fast work to do. This year, we celebrated in four different time zones across the world. That’s quite a bit of confetti.

If you’re a high school junior or the parent of a high school junior, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your New Year’s Eve? Wouldn’t you rather not have to worry about finishing your college applications at the deadline? If so, consider not procrastinating when it’s your turn and start way earlier in the year. There is no need to finish applications at the deadlines. It sure is a relief to finish at the buzzer, but why give yourself this added stress? Instead, you should be enjoying your New Year’s Eve and not worrying about getting your college applications in on time.

So, high school juniors and their parents, take our advice. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve. Don’t do your applications at the deadline. Give yourself ample time to write, to rewrite, to proof, and proof all over again. It’s a good strategy for the highly selective college admissions process. And it’s a good strategy for life!

While you’re here, read about the deadline extensions that impacted this past Early admissions cycle (due to Hurricane Sandy).

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