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March 9, 2020

Canceled College Tours

If you planned to visit colleges this week, change your plans or you’ll end up touring solo.

Maybe your child’s high school is currently closed for cleaning and you were thinking what a great time it would be to visit colleges! Students are on campus. School isn’t out for summer. Your child won’t have to miss days of school. Ok, you probably weren’t thinking all of this because you realized it’s probably not a great time to visit college campuses due to the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic but if you were wondering if college tours have been canceled at many of our nation’s elite schools, the answer is: yes. College tours have been canceled at many of our nation’s colleges and if they haven’t been canceled yet, they will be soon.

Columbia, Barnard, Yale Cancel College Admissions Tours

Admissions tours have been canceled at Columbia and Barnard. They’ve also been canceled at Yale. As Neil Vigdor and Mihi Zaveri report for The New York Times in a piece entitled “Columbia Cancels Classes and Princeton Puts Lectures Online in Coronavirus Response,” “[Barnard College President Sian Leah] Beilock said that residence halls, libraries and other university buildings would remain open, but that all events and gatherings had been canceled, in addition to admissions tours. She said the university had consulted with city and state health officials on the plan. ‘We all share the goal of upholding the health and safety of our community,’ she said, ‘and we ask for your consideration and caring of each other during this difficult time.'”

If A University Hasn’t Yet Canceled Its College Admissions Tours, It Will Soon

While admissions tours are still currently a go at Harvard, Brown, and Dartmouth among others, we expect all of these tours to be canceled imminently. The Ivy League schools, in particular, tend to stick together. So Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball, a crystal ball even cited on the pages of Dartmouth’s newspaper, hereby forecasts that all tours at each of the eight Ivy League schools will be canceled for the foreseeable future within the next 48 hours. You heard it here first. Stay tuned for updates!

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